Reducing food waste

We must find effective ways to decrease wastage throughout the food chains, from farm fields  to our kitchen waste bins.


Reducing food waste
From farm to waste bins


According to FAO, about one third of all food produced globally is lost between harvest and consumption. That’s an alarming amount of food waste. To achieve food security, we must substantially decrease wastage across the food chain.

Livestock farmers can also play a role in improving the situation. For example, by combining the power of technology and circular principles to improve animal feed production. Also, by converting crop residues and co-products into high-quality, nutritious food, manure and other products.

Nature is dear to us...

…and to agriculture in particular, and healthy soil is crucial for the future of farming.

Food waste can be recycled through composting to restore nutrients in the soil, making it more resilient to climate change impact such as drought.

Let’s work together to promote:
  • circular and smart agriculture
  • promoting sustainable infrastructure
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