Optimization of the Argentinian pig chain

Collaborating for a high quality, efficient and sustainable pig sector in Argentina.


Pig Chain Argentinia
Pig Chain Argentinia
Collaboration for maximum impact


In the Netherlands, livestock farming is among the most advanced sectors. Our integrated pig chain is innovative, efficient and sustainable. Close cooperation between government, agricultural entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions has resulted in state-of-the-art technology and breeding programs that are both sustainable and animal-friendly.

This public-private partnership Optimization of the Argentinian pig chain is a collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Netherlands Embassy in Argentina, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and representatives of the Dutch pig sector for the next three years.

The GITAH Porcino Cluster wants to extend the invitation to work together with Argentina. Together we can provide the world with more efficient, environmentally-friendly, social and economically sustainable pig products. By working together, we can positively influence the lives of people and animals. Economic growth and jobs for people, improved health and well-being for animals.