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Meet the companies behind this public-private partnership





AgriWatch is an R&D company accredited by the Dutch government. We provide high-quality R&D consulting services and hire international researchers. At AgriWatch, one of our core mandates is to advise farmers and contractors using Geospatial Knowledge in Agriculture under new climate conditions such as drought. Our solutions are based on integrating remote sensing (RS) data (satellite, airborne, drone, IoT), GIS data (maps), and expert knowledge. The CoSpectroCam for acquiring hyperspectral and high-spatial data for Precision Agriculture and RS data calibration is a flagship example of our breakthrough innovative products. Our expertise also allows us to develop and execute tailor-made training and internship in the fields of Geo-Information and Earth Observation.


boersma drainage


Boersma Drainage has been specialised in all kinds of drainage since 1946. The soil and cultivation are an expensive affair which is why drainage is crucial for better soil, crop quality and yield. We have more than 75 years of knowledge and up-to -date equipment and materials to provide you with a good water management system on your fields.



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Bos develops and delivers machines, preferably with an innovative edge, for the professional user in ditch and roadside maintenance and earthmoving and land levelling. In doing so, we strive to offer the client a total solution because they are the ones who need to earn their living with it. And innovative in this context means: not standard but a bit more, a bit different, a bit new. That’s the challenge. And that, in short, is the Bos philosophy.

Our biggest clients come from the contracting industry. For example, the construction of roads or sports fields. The machines we deliver are soil tillage equipment and bulldozers. We also deliver machines for ditch and roadside maintenance, bought by municipalities or water boards, but mostly by contractors and the contracting industry.




Farmax Metaaltechniek suppies a wide range of high-quality tillage machines that help farmers improve their soils, reduce the cost of tillage and optimize growing conditions. The core team of Farmax consists of multiple driven technical employees and engineers with an agricultural background which benefits the translation into our (machine) development. Our ambition is to introduce more farmers abroad to our agricultural machines and to convince them of our innovative techniques.




GeoInfoSolutions (GIS BV) was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands as a private company to provide Geo-Consulting & Research Services and build networks in Europe, Asia and Middle East regions. The expertise of GIS enables us to carry out tailor-made short trainings and workshops in the field of Geo-Information and Earth Observation, and Project Management. GIS also provides consultancy services in image analysis and environmental modeling in engineering applications. We have extensive experience in the coordination and implementation of consultancy projects, curriculum development, joint international research and educational programs in the field of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS).






Homburg Holland is an importer of HARDI sprayers (NL), Väderstad tillage and seed drills, Bogballe spreaders, Garford hoeing technology, Stanhay seed drills and Ag Leader Technology in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides importer is Homburg also an manufacturer and exporter of the Homburg Draincleaner. Regular drain cleaning will keep your soil in top condition. Efficient and sustainable agriculture starts with optimal soil conditions. Homburg therefore designed the Homburg Draincleaner in the 1970’s and produce and export this useful machine worldwide. In Poland we are looking for new dealers to organise sales and representing Homburg Draincleaners. Dealers (and customers) can count on excellent service, aftersales and an extremely reliable, skilled trading partner





Rinagro is an active company continuously working on production and selling of an additive for dung. So, Rinagro is concerned with processing of dung. Rinagro's additive AgriMestMix® (‘mest’ means dung) causes a stronger transformation and ripening process of the dung while stored, resulting in a more powerful and high quality end product. Their method of dung treatment gives the customer a more qualitative and better dung. Rinagro works in a clear and plain way. Above all, Rinagro knows the conditions in which agricultural entrepreneurs have to work these days and what their wishes are. In the end it’s up to the customer to take the right decisions to create a durable management of the company and good soil fertility.






The RMA Company has existed for more than 35 years and is an expert in the simple translation of complex sensor data into practical cultivation advice. RMA's sensor technology is user-friendly and robust. Every day, RMA helps growers to make technology work for high yields. The company does this both at home and abroad. RMA Company is continuously developing to offer new technology that really works and yields results. For a better harvest and crop quality RMA cultivation guidance with sensors is used for: irrigation management, disease management and fertilization management.




VandinterSemo operates in seed cultivation, seed trade and seed breeding. And although a large part of our turnover is achieved through the seed trade and the cultivation of seed on commission, we are deeply committed to the breeding of nematode-resistant green manures. It was 1914 when the founders Zwaan and De Wiljes started their business in seed production and seed trade in Scheemda, Groningen. More than 100 years later, the company is known as Vandinter Semo and has become a significant producer and processor of seed in the Netherlands and far beyond. And although seed production and seed trade remains an important core activity at Vandinter Semo, the range has been extended to include seed cleaning, seed coating and seed packaging. Moreover, Vandinter Semo has built a unique reputation as a breeder of cruciferous vegetables.

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The World Trade Center Twente in Hengelo is part of the World Trade Center's Association (WTCA) consisting of more than 300 establishments in almost 100 different countries. The objective of the WTCA is promoting international trade. There are over 750.000 companies and institutions connected to the WTC organisation worldwide. World Trade Center Twente will focus on the exchange of knowledge and technology and to boost economic activity. Key services of WTC Twente are Trade Information, Group Trade Missions, Office space and business services, Trade Education, Expat Services and WTC Twente has their own Business Club with 130 company members.