About Soil Improvement Poland

Working together for soil improvement

Just like the Netherlands, Poland strives to mitigate the effects of climate change. A large part of the country endured prolonged drought, while heavy rainfalls occurred in other areas of the country. And this degrades the soil conditions. And when soil quality drops, yields decrease, and farmers struggle to maintain profitability and secured income.

The most significant threats to soil health include erosion, loss of organic matter, nutrient imbalance, acidification, and salinisation. That's why this unique cluster of companies offer specialised and complementary expertise to support Polish farmers in a wide range of areas:

  • Providing integrated analysis and tailored advice, by using remote sensing techniques and geographical information systems. This will enable farmers to use their land more effectively.
  • Applying innovative techniques, such as mixing and spading to improve crop rooting. This enables the soil to absorb and retain water more efficiently, which is essential, especially during extreme drought.
  • Defining future cropping plans and rotation. And using the right seeds and crops combination, biological symbiosis and soil treatment. This will enable farmers to revitalise soil conditions and improve the level of soil nutrients and organic matter.
Sharing knowledge and successes

We can all benefit from promoting sustainable soil management. For the Netherlands and Poland. there is so much to learn from each other. Making that happen takes cooperation at all levels, from government, knowledge and businesses.

PIB Soil Improvement Poland aims to nurture collaboration between Dutch and Polish businesses and knowledge institutes. Earlier projects between our two countries took place in 2020 and 2021 to improve soil conditions for agriculture and horticulture, and with good results. The next step is to build an online knowledge platform in collaboration with Polish universities. This will enable us to offer technical advice directly to farmers and for them share their learnings and best practices.

Altogether, our integrated approach and collaboration will support Polish farmers to revitalise soil quality, increase yield and profits. Let’s work together and build a strong foundation for a robust and sustainable agriculture in Poland. Meet the companies building a strong foundation for sustainable agriculture in Poland. 

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