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Training Uganda's farmers of the future 
Woman farming and cutting crops

Uganda’s population is young, but as unemployment is high many young people are struggling to make a living. At the same time, Uganda’s agriculture sector needs practically trained young agripreneurs and labourers. NGO AVSI trains young Ugandans to become the agripreneurs and agricultural employees of the future.

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Field report: feeding Colombia's cities 
Man showing ground in colombia

About 80% of Colombia's population lives in cities. To meet the urban demand for high-quality, healthy, sustainable food is no easy feat for Colombia's horticulture sector. The Hortifuturo initiative aims to support Colombian horticulture to become more sustainable and competitive.

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Biomass India: from agricultural waste to valuable resource
Man in rice field

India, the second-largest producer of rice in the world, is sitting on a mountain of raw material, without realistic options to cash in on it. Therefore each year, farmers burn nearly 100 million tonnes of straw, releasing a lot of C02 in the process. Indian and Dutch organisations have teamed up to convert waste into climate-positive products.

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How sponge cities are keeping China's feet dry
Water system graphic

Greenery makes cities more attractive, improving quality of life. But not many people know that urban green spaces can also make cities more climate resilient. In Shanghai, there's a great balance between decorative green with functional advantages. This protects the Chinese metropolis from floods and drought, while simultaneously making it a better place to live. 

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Nature-based solutions in Zárate's natural environment
Zarate delta

In Argentina, a project called Zárate y la Huella del Delta (Zárate and the delta’s footprint) highlights the urgency of developing urban solutions that bring more harmony between people and nature. The project also explores the value of using wetlands for future prosperity of the local area and worldwide.

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    How Serbia and the Netherlands are boosting biodiversity
    trees by a building

    To meet the needs of a growing population, horticulture experts are joining forces to ensure nature is not forgotten in urban developments. Dutch public-private partnership Green Cities Serbia focuses on implementing green elements to existing buildings throughout Serbian cities.

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