About Dutch Fruit Solutions

Growing a sustainable fruit sector together.


The fruit sector in Kazakhstan is rapidly developing into a modern sector with large-scale high density plantations. As part of a diversification strategy moving away from oil and gas, the government of Kazakhstan wants to promote agriculture. Modernisation goes hand in hand with a high demand for new fruit varieties, modern machineries and equipment, advanced technologies and industrial expertise. 

New large fruit orchards cannot only supply the domestic market, but excess fruit can also be exported abroad. The demand for fruit in Russia and China has increased, and the Kazakh fruit sector is ideally positioned to take advantage of this. 

The Netherlands can be a strategic partner for this ambition of Kazakhstan. Our horticulture sector is well-known abroad, and it is an important contributor to the Dutch economy.

Dutch fruit meets the global demand for healthy food for millions of people around the world. Our expertise and innovation allow us to produce and export fruit to every continent. We grow fruit in soil and greenhouses, using the most advanced and sustainable techniques. 

This is why the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and a group of companies representing the Dutch fruit sector have developed a public-private partnership, Dutch Fruit Solutions Kazakhstan (DFSK), to assist Kazakhstan in making the fruit sector more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

An integrated approach 

The Kazakh authorities have ambitious plans for the fruit sector, and DFSK is there to support them. Together, we will improve the production of hard fruit, soft fruit and stone fruit. We aim to contribute to fruit quality, fruit quantity, fruit protection and fruit export through:

  • Virus-free planting materials;
  • Design and implementation of (super) intensive orchards;
  • Optimisation of pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest activities.

We provide our integrated Dutch approach of fruit production and processing, adjusted to local Kazakh requirements. We are therefore hoping to cooperate with local and national governments, knowledge centres and companies in the fruit sector.