Launching Let’s Breath Together project - partnership for healing gardens

Let’s Breath Together project

A tripartite partnership was signed between PIB cluster, UAUIM and the "Marius Nasta'' Institute of Pneumophtisiology in Bucharest, a reference institution for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with bronchopulmonary diseases. The purpose is to join forces for imagining a space that, beyond the aesthetic qualities, heals with the help of plants at the same time facilitating social interaction among patients. The PIB members will work together with the professors and students of UAUIM for redesigning the 5 hectares hospital gardens inspired by the Dutch experience in the field. The kick-off event will be followed by a series of workshops

(first one took place on June 25, 2021), a competition for the best solutions, implementation of a pilot area with demonstrative purpose and support for implementing of the complete rehabilitation project.

Lets Breath together