Flying Swans: developing a cool logistics network in East Africa

On August 22, 2020, the first ever refrigerated container of Ethiopian avocados was loaded on a train to Djibouti, to be shipped to Europe. It marked an important milestone for the development of a cool logistics network in East Africa. 

Flying Swans Ethiopie
Need for action

With an ever-growing world population, achieving food security is one of our main challenges in years to come. As food waste accounts for around one-third of all food produced for human consumption globally, reducing food loss can contribute significantly to reaching food security. In Ethiopia and Djibouti, the Flying Swans consortium is creating a cool logistics network together with local partners. This network aims to reduce post-harvest loss substantially and create economic opportunities for both countries.

Developing horticulture in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has great horticulture potential, thanks to its vast arable land and a perfect climate for year-round cultivation. Developing the sector could boost the country’s economic development and employment as well as global food security.

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