Optimising water use in Colombia’s palm oil industry

New irrigation and fertigation methods can help us make the best of limited water resources and allow farmers to grow more crop per drop. A Dutch-Colombian partnership is working on increasing water efficiency in one of Colombia’s most important agricultural sectors: the palm oil industry.

Sustainability in the palm oil industry

Palm oil is used in many products, as it is cheap and rather efficient. Concerned consumers however demand that the industry takes a critical look at the pressure it exerts on natural resources, biodiversity and local communities. In addition to raising the share of certified palm oil, optimising water use could be a way to make the palm oil industry more sustainable.

Combining public and private knowledge

NGO Solidaridad Network teamed up with DelphyFutureWater and local partner Cenipalma to discover what holds the adoption of more water-efficient systems back and make recommendations to address these issues. By combining the knowledge gained through interviews with local farmer with the results  of the field trial, the project team concluded with clear recommendations for Colombia's Magdalena region.

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This article was first published on 31 March 2022 on NLPlatform.com.


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