Raising food production capacity in Senegal

To feed a growing world population, we must find innovative new ways to increase the food supply without endangering the environment. Sustainable agriculture is key here. Around the world, Dutch companies and their local counterparts cooperate to develop a sustainable model for food production.  One of them is Franzen BV.

Agricultural labourers in Senegal
Increasing food production

Farming in Senegal lacks crop diversity and is hampered by drought and poor soil. Food crops form only a small share of the country’s agricultural produce, which consists mostly of groundnuts and cotton. While the agricultural sector is Senegal’s main employer, the country imports most of its food – also from the Netherlands – to  feed its 16 million inhabitants.

Cultivating local knowledge

Franzen BV is one of those exporters of food crops to Senegal. Responding to a growing demand for Dutch potatoes and onions in the region, the company has started its own arable farm in Senegal, partly funded with the help of the Dutch Good Growth Fund

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This article was first published on 5 February 2021 on NLPlatform.com


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