Saline farming – making saline soil productive again

Every day, 2,000 hectares of fertile land is lost around the world because of salinisation. Finding techniques and technology to prevent or counter this phenomenon increases the sector’s ability to adapt to changes, such as climate change.

Saline farming

Global warning and rising sea levels combined with the production of more food with less water (and often more fertiliser) turns once productive fields into salty, inarable terrain. By combining the knowledge of crop, soil and water management to produce food in saline environments, saline farming increases food security and ensures a year-round income for local farmers

The Salt Doctors

To put Dutch saline farming knowledge in practice, Dutch social enterprise The Salt Doctors works with NGOs, research institutes, governments, the private sector, and local farmers to improve crop yields in saline environments. Through research, training and consultancy they help farmers worldwide to produce under saline conditions.

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