Turning an old Belgium coal mine into a green recreational park

The be-MINE project is an initiative of the Beringen municipality and tourism board to revitalise what is Flanders’ largest industrial-archaeological site and turn it into a new cultural hotspot. To this end, old industrial buildings and spaces are given new purposes. 


As more and more people move from rural to urban areas, municipalities face the challenge of keeping urban environments liveable. Public green space, such as parks and forests gives people extra breathing room for the city. It has a profound effect on our physical and mental health and bring communities together. With that in mind, Dutch designer Carve and Omgeving and contractor Krinkels transformed part of an old mine in Belgium into an adventure playground.

Adventure playground be-MINE

With its hiking, walking and mountain bike trails and adventure playground, the be-MINE adventure mountain  offers a great variety of attractions for young and old. The 60-meters high playground is accessible by stairs and consists of three parts: a pole forest, a prismatic play surface on the flank, and a coal square at the top.

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This article was first published on 12 Februari 2021 on NLPlatform.com.


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